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Club Rental Program

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The golf club rental program offered by Golf Stix Value Guide allows Golf Professionals to rent high-quality sets of clubs for use during events or tournaments where they may not have enough sets available for all participants.

By partnering with Golf Stix Value Guide, golf courses can offer high-quality rental clubs without investing in expensive equipment or maintenance costs.

The process works as follows: 

  1. Contact Golf Stix to inquire about rental clubs for an upcoming event. We will work with the golf course to determine the number of sets needed, the types of clubs required, and any other specific needs the course may have.
  2. Once the details have been agreed upon, 2nd Swing will send the rental clubs to the golf course in advance of the event. These clubs are pre-packaged sets of clubs that are ready for use, complete with bags and other accessories.
  3. After the event is over, the golf course repackages the clubs and sends them back to Golf Stix, who will then inspect the clubs to ensure that they are still in good condition and ready for the next rental. Any clubs that are damaged or missing will be replaced at the club’s expense.

Pricing Details

Instate (MN) = $100 per set

Out of State = $150 per set (includes shipping both ways)