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How we support your demo days

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Demo Days are a crucial part of the golf industry, allowing players to test and experience new clubs. Learn how GSV can support your Demo Days by providing trade-in signage to let your customers know about upcoming events and the ability to trade in their clubs and upgrade. We can also provide A QR code or link that will allow customers to submit their trade in on the spot with our mobile friendly technology.

One of the ways GSV can promote your demo or fitting day is by providing custom trade-in signage that will inform your customers about upcoming Demo Days. Our professionally designed signage will be provided before the event and create awareness about the event as well as the ability to trade in. Our trade-in signage will serve as a reminder to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to enhance your customers’ golf game.

In addition to the trade-in signage, GSV offers a seamless and convenient trade-in process. We provide a QR code or link that allows you to submit your trade-in information on the spot using our mobile-friendly technology. Our user-friendly interface ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience, allowing your customers to upgrade their clubs effortlessly and start enjoying their new equipment.

How our rental program helps your course generate profits

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Rental programs are an excellent source of revenue for golf courses, and GSV can play a significant role in maximizing profitability. Benefits of using GSV for rental programs, include affordable pricing, Gen1 options available to rent, and ensuring the clubs you receive are in optimal condition. This section will explain how GSV’s rentals can help your course generate higher profits and a successful outing from our rental program.

One of the key advantages of using GSV for rental programs is our affordable pricing. We offer competitive rates that enable golf courses to provide rental clubs at a reasonable cost, attracting more players to take advantage of this convenient service. With our pricing structure, we offer a balance between profitability and affordability, ensuring that your rental program remains attractive to a wide range of golfers.

GSV also offers a wide selection of Gen1 options available for rent. Our rental inventory includes high-quality golf clubs from leading brands, including Ping G430, Taylormade Stealth, and Callaway Paradym. By offering a diverse range of rental clubs, you cater to the preferences and needs of various golfers, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction.

Moreover, GSV takes great care in ensuring that the clubs you receive for your rental program are in optimal condition. We conduct regular maintenance, inspections, and replacements, guaranteeing that the clubs are clean, well-maintained, and perform at their best. This attention to detail not only enhances the customer experience but also minimizes any disruptions or inconveniences during play, leading to positive reviews and repeat business.

By leveraging GSV’s rental program solutions, your golf course can generate higher profits and achieve a successful outing. Our affordable pricing, diverse rental options, and commitment to club maintenance contribute to a positive customer experience, enticing more golfers to utilize your rental services. With increased participation and customer satisfaction, your rental program becomes a significant revenue source, driving the financial success of your golf course.

Why premium courses use Golf Stix Value Guide

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Premium golf courses often strive for excellence in every aspect of their operations, and relying on GSV is no exception. In this segment, we will discuss why premium courses choose to utilize GSV for their day to day needs. We will highlight the accuracy, reliability, and industry expertise that GSV brings to the table, enabling premium courses to maintain their high standards and provide an exceptional trade in service for their customers.

When it comes to premium golf courses, excellence is a top priority in every facet of their operations. That’s why many of these courses choose to rely on GSV for their day-to-day needs. GSV brings a range of benefits to the table, including accuracy, reliability, and industry expertise, allowing premium courses to maintain their high standards and deliver an exceptional trade-in service to their customers.

Accuracy is paramount in the golf industry, and GSV understands the importance of precise and reliable services. With our expertise and advanced technology, we ensure accurate valuations and assessments of traded-in clubs. This accuracy helps premium courses provide fair and competitive trade-in values to their customers, establishing trust and credibility in the process. By relying on GSV’s accurate trade-in service, premium courses can uphold their reputation for excellence and transparency.

Reliability is another crucial factor for premium golf courses, and GSV is known for its dependable services. Our systems and processes are designed to ensure smooth and efficient trade-in transactions. From the moment customers submit their trade-ins to the final evaluation and payment being sent, GSV’s reliable platform streamlines the entire process. This reliability not only enhances the customer experience but also enables premium courses to maintain a well-organized and professional operation.

GSV’s industry expertise is a significant advantage for premium courses. We have a deep understanding of the golf market and the dynamics of trade-ins. With our knowledge and experience, we provide valuable insights and recommendations to help premium courses optimize their trade-in programs. Whether it’s pricing strategies, inventory management, or marketing initiatives, GSV’s industry expertise assists premium courses in making informed decisions that align with their high standards and customer expectations.

By choosing to utilize GSV, premium golf courses ensure that every aspect of their trade-in service is of the highest quality. The accuracy, reliability, and industry expertise that GSV brings to the table align perfectly with the standards of any course, allowing them to maintain their reputation for excellence. Whether it’s providing accurate valuations, streamlining trade-in transactions, or offering valuable insights, GSV’s partnership empowers premium courses to deliver an exceptional trade-in service that exceeds customer expectations and contributes to their overall success.

Here’s what our ambassadors have to say about us

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Brand Ambassadors play a crucial role in promoting a service, and GSV is no different. In this section, we will share testimonials from ambassadors who have experienced the benefits of GSV firsthand. We will highlight their opinions on the accuracy of evaluations, the ease of using our platform, and how GSV has positively impacted their golf club.

Many brand ambassadors have expressed their satisfaction with the accuracy of evaluations provided by GSV. They appreciate the precision and fairness with which their trade-in clubs are assessed. These testimonials underscore the trustworthiness and reliability of GSV’s valuation process, which helps ambassadors feel confident that they are receiving a fair value for their customers’ clubs. The accuracy of evaluations is a critical factor for brand ambassadors, as it directly impacts their decision-making when it comes to upgrading their equipment.

Ease of use is another aspect that brand ambassadors frequently mention in their testimonials. They highlight how GSV’s platform simplifies the trade-in process, making it quick and convenient. The user-friendly interface and intuitive features of our platform enable ambassadors to submit their trade-ins effortlessly. This seamless experience not only saves them time and effort but also ensures a smooth and hassle-free transaction.

Furthermore, brand ambassadors consistently note the positive impact that GSV has had on their golf club. They appreciate the opportunities provided by GSV to upgrade their equipment and stay up-to-date with the latest golfing trends. These testimonials reflect the value that GSV brings to golfers, enabling them to enhance their game through access to high-quality clubs and equipment.

The testimonials from brand ambassadors highlight the satisfaction and positive experiences they have had with GSV. Their opinions reinforce the accuracy of evaluations, the ease of using our platform, and the overall impact GSV has had on their golf clubs. These testimonials serve as powerful endorsements, demonstrating the value and benefits that GSV offers to both individual golfers and golf clubs. As brand ambassadors continue to share their positive experiences, they contribute to the growing reputation of GSV as a trusted and reliable platform in the golf industry.

Case studies from Golf professionals how GSV provides a better experience

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Golf professionals are always seeking ways to improve the experience for their customers. This section will present case studies from golf professionals who have utilized GSV to provide a better experience for the club and their customers. This section will highlight how GSV has helped them make data-driven decisions, sell excess inventory, improve club sales, and ultimately enhance their customers’ trade in experience.

Brand Ambassador Joe Falderau –

“Golf Stix Value Guide provides my members an outlet for their used golf clubs to offset the cost of the latest and greatest in golf technology. Hard good sales have grown by 33% since the implementation of our club trade-in service in 2019. Golf Stix continues to be an extremely popular amenity that our members enjoy.”

Customer Chad Christensen –

“Thank you for getting to this so quickly! I really appreciate your time, your quick responses, and your attention throughout this process. I got quotes from 7 different companies, almost all of them took DAYS to get back to me. I do have some other clubs that I may sell, and you and GolfStix are definitely going to be my go to. Thanks for a great experience!”

Club Rental Program

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The golf club rental program offered by Golf Stix Value Guide allows Golf Professionals to rent high-quality sets of clubs for use during events or tournaments where they may not have enough sets available for all participants.

By partnering with Golf Stix Value Guide, golf courses can offer high-quality rental clubs without investing in expensive equipment or maintenance costs.

The process works as follows: 

  1. Contact Golf Stix to inquire about rental clubs for an upcoming event. We will work with the golf course to determine the number of sets needed, the types of clubs required, and any other specific needs the course may have.
  2. Once the details have been agreed upon, 2nd Swing will send the rental clubs to the golf course in advance of the event. These clubs are pre-packaged sets of clubs that are ready for use, complete with bags and other accessories.
  3. After the event is over, the golf course repackages the clubs and sends them back to Golf Stix, who will then inspect the clubs to ensure that they are still in good condition and ready for the next rental. Any clubs that are damaged or missing will be replaced at the club’s expense.

Pricing Details

Instate (MN) = $100 per set

Out of State = $150 per set (includes shipping both ways)



Summer 2023 Newsletter

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Golf Stix Value Guide is the industry leader when it comes to excess inventory & member trade-ins. From golf clubs, to apparel, to golf accessories, Golf Stix is commied to serving you in a variety of ways. Our commitment to you as a trusted partner is to provide the best customer service, the highest corporate values, and the latest cutting-edge technology to create the best trade-in experience in the industry. We look forward to helping our partners leverage our trade-in services like never before.

Golf Stix Value Guide currently works with over 2,000 Golf Professionals, Country Clubs, Fitters & Golf Stores across the United States. We offer a user-friendly way to help you trade in your customer’s golf clubs and your excess golf shop merchandise all at once. Golf Stix extends a bid price on everything you are looking to sell, and allows you to have your old merchandise out the door to make way for new product.

Ways to Sell:


  • Check values on over 8,000 items from anywhere
  • Send in product with prepaid shipping labels & get paid within delivery

Fill out a quote form and email them in for a bid

  • Fill out a quote form and email back to a GSV Account Manager
  • Receive a bid from Golf Stix, send in product with prepaid shipping labels & get paid within days of delivery

Clean Out Kit (Valet Service)

  • Box up your product and let me many shipping labels you need
  • Send in your product and receive an itemized bid, payment made instantly upon approval

What we purchase:

  • New, Used & Demo Golf Clubs
  • Men’s, Women’s Apparel (Even Logo’d)
  • Shoes, Hats, Balls, Bags & Gloves
  • GPS Units & Rangefinders
  • Head Covers (New or Used)

Brand Ambassadors

Director of Golf
Southern Hills Country Club
Tulsa, OK

“I would recommend Golf Stix excess inventory & trade-in services to any other fellow Golf Professional. It’s a great service that is extremely easy to use. The payment is always speedy and reliable as well.”

Golf Stix Value Guide is happy to partner with over 40 Brand Ambassadors from around the country, covering all the PGA sections. Check out to see which of our Brand Ambassadors is in your section!


Member Trade-Ins
Our Goal is to provide you with a seamless experience when offering your membership a trade-in program. Offer your members the ability to bring in unused clubs to be turned into shop credit, we will process the trade-in and send you a check on the backend. You can trust Golf Stix always has the highest everyday trade pricing. Giving members the highest values for their trade-ins means giving you additional shop revenue when they spend their credit with you.

Have a question on a club, trade value or service? The founding principle of Golf Stix is top notch customer service. With your personal account representative, we strive to help you every step of the way.

Excess Inventory Service
If you often find yourself stuck carrying over too much golf shop inventory into following years, you are not alone. Just as a great caddy saves you strokes on the course, Golf Stix will save you time and money by guiding you through the selling process.

We buy both hard goods and soft goods, with or without logos. Our process is fast and easy. We send out your payment within 5-7 business days of receiving your trade in at our facility.


Helping the game grow through charitable organizations is important to Golf Stix and we have helped raise over $100,000 in donations for our various charitable partners. We run the national donation programs for top charitable organizations such as First Tee, Youth on Course, Tee It Up For The Troops, & more! Reach out to [email protected] if you are interested in starting a donation program at your club!


Need additional rental sets for an upcoming event? We got ‘em! We have 50+ brand new sets for 2023, featuring various brands, flexes, & dexterities. Sets can be shipped across country and be delivered in advance of your event. Reserve your sets today by contacting Cam Root at [email protected] .

Read or download the newsletter as a PDF.