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Frequently Asked Questions

How are my clubs rated?

Clubs are individually inspected by Golf Stix and go through a 6 step verification process to prove authenticity and verify condition. This is all done in house by Golf Stix Club experts within 7-14 days of package’s arrival at our facility. Clubs are rated for condition based off our condition scale, see example below)

How are my Clothing and Accessories Rated?

Clothing must have original tag and be unworn and unwashed to be considered in new condition.

Clothing and accessories with noticeable snags, stains, discoloring, and sunspots are considered blemished and have no value. Items with minor snags, stains, discoloring, and sunspots may be considered “Slightly Blemished” for a 50% reduced value. Any styles outside of 10 years old in new condition may be subject to pricing adjustments. Any logo’s other than Country Club or Golf Club logo may be subject to price changes.

Rangefinders and GPS Units must come with all buttons working and operate as intended. No cracks in screen or major scratches on units. All necessary & applicable accessories are included with device and are fully functioning (charger, battery, USB cable). Items deemed non functional are subject to $0 value & returned at customer’s expense. Items with excessive wear are subject to reduced values.

If you have any questions regarding condition, please contact us via phone or email.

How does Shipping Work?

During checkout, you can select to use pre-paid FedEx shipping labels for $9.99. These are flat-rate labels that cover any size box, and the cost is deducted from the end total of the order. The $9.99 fee covers the shipping of the box. However, it does not cover the box itself or the packaging materials needed. You are also welcome to ship items on your own accord.

How Do I Get Paid?

Payments can be made via check or Paypal. If you choose a check, a physical check will be mailed to the address provided on the account within 48 hours of our order being completed. Through PayPal, you will receive a direct deposit to the PayPal email address entered on the account within 48 hours of your order being completed. NOTE: PayPal charges a 2.9% convenience fee for direct payments.

How Long Will the Process Take?

We kindly request 7-14 business days from the arrival of the package to fully process and evaluate your trade-in. You will receive a fully detailed summary via email with all items received once the order has been fully processed.

Who should I contact with questions regarding my trade?

Our customer service team can be reached by phone at 612-216-5205 Ext 2 or at [email protected]

What Is Considered an Iron Set?

Iron sets must include a minimum of four consecutive clubs within the set, each with matching shafts. The set must also include a pitching wedge (PW).

Condition Scale

Average Condition

Clubs considered in average condition have been previously used and exhibit signs of normal wear. The majority of the wear is cosmetic and can be seen throughout the club head. Acceptable wear includes normal ball marks and scratching on the face; normal scratching on the sole and light scratches or paint chips on/around the crown. No skymarks, dents, or rattles. Shafts and grips should be in playable condition as well with normal wear.

Below Average Condition

Clubs considered in below average condition have seen heavy usage and exhibit signs of moderate to excessive wear. These clubs often have skymarks, dings, nicks, shaft burns, groove loss or browning on the face. Regardless of wear, these clubs are still in playable condition and the overall integrity of the clubs are still in tact. Shafts may have scratches and grips worn. We do not accept clubs with broken shafts, cracked or dented heads or any other feature that would affect the clubs performance.

PLEASE NOTE: Any clubs with aftermarket finish or Stamped/Engraved with initials or names will automatically be deemed in “Below Average” condition upon being received.

New Condition

Clubs considered in new condition are either still in original plastic or out of plastic with no visual signs of wear. These clubs have never been hit, however they may show signs of minor shop wear.

Clubs that do NOT qualify:

  • Iron sets must have four (4) consecutive clubs, including a Pitching Wedge. If a PW is not included, you will be required to enter each of the irons individually.
  • Clubs with cracked or dented heads.
  • Clubs with cracked or broken shafts.
  • Wedges that are stamped or engraved will be automatically deemed “Below Average” condition.
  • Counterfeit clubs.
  • Clubs that show excess rusting or pitting on clubhead or shaft.

If you have any questions regarding condition, please contact us via phone or email.

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