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Golf Club Trade-In

Case studies from Golf professionals how GSV provides a better experience

By Case Study

Golf professionals are always seeking ways to improve the experience for their customers. This section will present case studies from golf professionals who have utilized GSV to provide a better experience for the club and their customers. This section will highlight how GSV has helped them make data-driven decisions, sell excess inventory, improve club sales, and ultimately enhance their customers’ trade in experience.

Brand Ambassador Joe Falderau –

“Golf Stix Value Guide provides my members an outlet for their used golf clubs to offset the cost of the latest and greatest in golf technology. Hard good sales have grown by 33% since the implementation of our club trade-in service in 2019. Golf Stix continues to be an extremely popular amenity that our members enjoy.”

Customer Chad Christensen –

“Thank you for getting to this so quickly! I really appreciate your time, your quick responses, and your attention throughout this process. I got quotes from 7 different companies, almost all of them took DAYS to get back to me. I do have some other clubs that I may sell, and you and GolfStix are definitely going to be my go to. Thanks for a great experience!”