5 Easy Ways To Sell

We make it easy for you to find out how much your inventory is worth. With the assistance of our fantastic customer service team, we provide our customers with five primary options to sell all types of products including clubs, apparel, and other accessories!

Follow the icons below to see how each type works.


Receive an instant quote for any golf clubs, apparel and accessories you are looking to sell using our industry leading value guide. Complete a few simple steps and receive a quote in minutes.

Check Values

1. Check Values

Use our industry leading Value Guide to check values

Ship Product

2. Ship Product

Using prepaid labels provided at checkout, easily ship items

Get Paid Fast

3. Get Paid Fast

Get paid within days to your preferred payment method

Check Values Here

Clean Out Kit

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How does it work?

Clean Out Form

1. Fill out the form below

Answer a few questions so we know who you are and what you’re sending

2. Send in your Clean Out Kit

Ship your items using the prepaid labels provided

3. Get paid!

Get a check for the total value of your items

What can I send in my Clean Out Kit?

  • New & used golf clubs
    Demos, Overstock, Trial sets, Rentals, Lost & found
  • Men’s & women’s apparel (even logo’d)
  • Shoes, balls, hats & gloves
  • Rangefinders & GPS units
  • Shafts
  • Headcovers (new only please!)

For more information, call (612) 216-5205 ext. 2

Photo Quote

How Photo Quote Works:

  1. Snap a picture of any golf club on your mobile phone
  2. Text image to (612) 670-0162
  3. Get instant value on your new or used club(s) today

Perfect for Trade-In and Demo Days on the range!

Downloadable Quote Forms

Fill out one of the below forms and email us to receive a quote!

Hard Goods Quote Form

Download the Hard Goods Quote Form in Excel Format.

Download Here.

Soft Goods Quote Form

Download the Soft Goods Quote Form in Excel Format.

Download Here.

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