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Cam Root

Get Paid Faster Than Ever With eChecks!

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No more having to wait for your check in the mail. Our new eCheck payment option eliminates the process of having to ship the check to you. This feature is something that we are the first in the industry to implement and works by Golf Stix Value Guide sending you an email with the check in digital form. You then simply print it off and cash it.


  1. Select eCheck option in checkout process.
  2. Ship Clubs
  3. Receive email with echeck and instructions on how to print.

Golf Stix Value Tracking Feature!

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The value tracking feature from Golf Stix Value Guide is a benefit that we provide our customers and is looked at by our team constantly by analyzing data from various sources, including retail prices, auction results, and marketplace transactions. By taking into account the brand, model, condition, and demand, Golf Stix Value Guide is able to keep up with the current value of a particular golf club.

By tracking the value of their golf clubs over time, users gain valuable insights into the depreciation or appreciation of their equipment. This information is helpful for any customer considering selling their clubs, upgrading to newer models, or simply understanding the current worth of their golf clubs.

Overall, the value tracking feature on Golf Stix Value Guide conveniently informs golfers of the value of their golf clubs and helps them make more informed equipment decisions.

Real Time Information

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No more wondering what the status of your trade-in is. Golf Stix Value Guide provides you with real-time updates that allow you to see what part of the process your trade-in is at, and we are happy to say that we are the fastest-paying company in the industry paying in one week or less. 

You can find this information in the “my account” section under the trade-ins category.